Since some people have doubts how the purchase of the Packs, I decided to write this tutorial.

I hope it is useful and help clarify all your doubts.

1º – Choose the packs you want to buy, click “Add to Cart”


2º – As you can see in the picture, the pack has already been added to the Cart


3º – After choosing all packs you want to buy, click “Checkout” or “View Cart”.

If you click on “View Cart”, you will see something like the picture below


4º Click “Proceed to Checkout”, then appears “Billing Details”


5º – After all filled in, click below, “Proceed to PayPal”


6º – When you finish the purchase appears “The Order Details”, you have to click in the name of the pack you choose and the download is automatic, it goes directly to the downloads folder.


7º – Also can you please check your email  and see if you received something like the picture.


That’s it. 🙂

If you still have doubts  please contact me, by mail, or facebook